FAQ: Where can we find case studies or examples of other programs?

Where can we find case studies or examples of other programs to help us design a universal flu immunization program for our facility? [FAQ Date: April 1, 2013]
The PADOH/Partner HCP Universal Flu Vaccination Campaign website has posted five case studies which can help provide practical guidance on planning for and implementing a program on this page:  http://paHCPfluvax.org/case-studies/.

– CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) http://paHCPfluvax.org/chop-case-study/

– HUP (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) http://paHCPfluvax.org/hup-case-study/

– Main Line Health System http://paHCPfluvax.org/case-studies/main-line-health-case-study/

– Abington Memorial Hospital  http://paHCPfluvax.org/case-studies/abington-memorial-case-study/

– Geisinger Health System http://paHCPfluvax.org/case-studies/geisinger-case-study/


HAP’s Guidebook provides excellent resources, including model policies and other supporting content:
Universal Flu Immunization Programs for Health Care Personnel—Quality Best Practice Series (Updated – Winter 2013) http://www.haponline.org/downloads/Universal_Flu_Immunization_Programs_for_Health_Care_Personnel-HAP_Quality_Best_Practice_Series_Winter2013.pdf


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