TA/Consultative Support

There are two important source for technical assistance and consultative support for hospitals, health systems and other patient care organizations regarding HCW flu vaccination initiatives.

The PA Department of Health (PADoH) will be working with hospitals that are “considering/contemplating” going mandatory to help them firm up on their policy or develop program strategies.

Dr. Jeff Miller, a CDC Preventive Medicine Resident assigned to the PADoH, will be helping with this specific effort – providing policy and other guidance to hospitals contemplating a mandatory vaccination program.  Dr. Miller is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He is familiar with Pennsylvania having completed his residency at Penn and CHOP. He has the much needed background in public health and medicine, having completed the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Officer trainings and participated in several national infectious disease investigations.  Jeff will also be helping us complete the FAQ which we hope to circulate for your input within the next two weeks.

Contact information:
Jeffrey R. Miller, MD, MPH
CDC Preventive Medicine Resident
Assigned to Pennsylvania Department of Health
Bureau of Epidemiology
625 Forster Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120
office: 717-265-8882
cell: 717-395-1743|312-612-0411

Also, The Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy/UPenn (CVEP) is pleased to offer consultative support to institutions considering their options and direction regarding HCW flu vaccination.

As CVEP developed the training materials and content for this site, the PA DoH recognized that some institutions might benefit from an outside presenter/facilitator working with their staff, administration and Board to clarify options and accelerate decision-making. This support might take a range of forms from an all-hands overview presentation to facilitating a patient safety committee half-day retreat to a Board presentation to designing an implementation plan to facilitation of peer-to-peer exchange between hospitals.

In support of this overall campaign, CVEP is offer consultative services on a negotiated fee basis.

Contact information:
David Curry, MS
Executive Director
Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy
University of Pennsylvania



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